Vicari Srl manufactures single cylinders as well as small and medium series with CNC machines.

The agility of our structure allows us to satisfy urgent enquiries. We overhaul and repair every kind of cylinder, also those produced by other manufacturers.

The calibration of our measuring tools is certified by laboratories recognized by the Italian Calibration Service (SIT).


Vicari then meets any need for surface treatment such as ceramic coating, chromium plating, nickel-plating, TENIFER® treatment, sand blasting, tempering, carburizing and galvanizing.

We manufacture plunger cylinders, double acting cylinders, welded or seamless cylinders, bolted cylinders, tie rod cylinders, swinging cylinders, double acting telescopic cylinders. Our range includes bores from diameter 40 mm up to 500 mm within a max. Stroke of 6000 mm. Our production is focused on small series and prototypes.